Council Leader writes to Royal Mail about undelivered letters

Following continued delays with the postal deliveries across the borough, the Leader of Merton Council has written to Royal Mail to ask for an update on the situation after previous correspondence from the council went unanswered.

Residents in some parts of Merton have reported not having received any post for a few weeks at a time.

Council Leader, Councillor Mark Allison, has written to Royal Mail requesting their response to the situation “as a matter of urgency”, as the backlog of mail is preventing important letters from getting through.

Councillor Allison wrote: “Many residents have not been receiving any Royal Mail post for several weeks at a time, and it is now having a number of potentially serious impacts. The letters affected include important bank documents, medical letters and correspondence from key organisations such as Merton Council itself.

“Most importantly, our council is currently taking applications for household support grants – vital money that needs to be distributed to families with low incomes. We have so far received fewer applications than we would have anticipated, and I am increasingly concerned that some families will miss out because their application was received too late.”

Councillor Allison acknowledged the pressures that the Royal Mail is under due to staff needing to self-isolate because of COVID-19, but wrote:  “it is totally unacceptable for you to fail to reply to the Council’s concerns” and requested Royal Mail’s response “as a matter of urgency.”