Crime falls by 5% in Merton in 2021

Metropolitan Police statistics show crime continued to fall across Merton in 2021, down by 712 incidents to 12,876 – a drop of 5.23%. The rate of crime per 1,000 members of the borough’s population also shrank at a similar rate, going from 64.51 to 61.13. 

According to the figures, which chart from January until the end of December 2021 and measure against the same period in 2020, Merton is fourth in the capital on both measures. Across London the total was almost exactly the same as 2020, up by 88 to 792,843 crimes across 32 boroughs. 

The figures show such measures as the £1.2m upgrade of the borough’s CCTV system, approved in October 2021, reflect the council’s determination to continue fighting crime, with almost 2,000 incidents across the borough captured by the current system between April and August in 2021. 

The upgrade brings Merton’s network up to the level of London-wide systems and those in other boroughs, and will increase levels of public protection, guaranteeing safety on our streets for drivers and pedestrians across hundreds of public spaces. 

Council Leader, Councillor Mark Allison, said: “From listening to residents over the last year, we know that keeping safe from crime is still a top priority for many people. These figures are a good start in our long-term aim of reducing crime across the borough. 

“I am proud we have some of London’s lowest crime figures thanks to the partnership between Merton council, with our suite of hundreds of cameras monitored by council staff, our residents, and our colleagues in the police.  

“By working together, we can keep residents safe and increase levels of security across Merton.”