Don’t suffer in silence: get support for your mental wellbeing 

Stress and anxiety have played a bigger part in our lives with national data from the Office for National Statistics highlighting an increase in anxiety and a reduction in both life satisfaction and happiness during the initial stages of the pandemic. 

With new challenges such as the cost-of-living ‘crunch’ as well as living with COVID-19, it’s easy to feel stressed during these times. 

While a little bit of stress can be useful in completing certain activities, continued feelings of being overwhelmed are bad for your physical and mental health.  

April is Stress Awareness Month so if you are suffering from stress and anxiety, this is the ideal opportunity to think about how you’re feeling and make the first step in getting support, whatever your style. There are online resources and apps if that works for you, or you can get access to counselling or other activities by discussing it with your GP. 

Good mental health and wellbeing are key public health priorities in Merton. If you are feeling stressed it is important not to suffer in silence. There are resources available to give you the support you need. 

Find out more about how to manage stress and the resources available to you through the Good Thinking Website.  You can also visit OneYouMerton and Merton Uplift.   

The Stress Management Society is also running a 30-Day Challenge to help you find ways to go from ‘distress to de-stress’. Check out their resources