Leader-elect starts series of visits to Clarion-run estates

Cllrs Ross Garrod, right, and Eleanor Stringer discuss issues on the All Saints Estate with a Clarion manager

The Leader-elect of Merton Council visited some of the local estates run by Clarion Housing on Tuesday 24 as he prepares to take over the leadership of the council.

Cllr Ross Garrod and Deputy Leader-elect Eleanor Stringer visited the Haydons Road area on the All Saints estate, the first of a series of visits to take up resident concerns.

Cllr Stringer, who will take over the portfolio for Civic Pride pending confirmation by full Council tonight, arranged the meeting at All Saints with Clarion officials to respond to concerns about repairs.

After the visit, Cllr Garrod continued onto the High Path estate, where dozens of homes have already been built and hundreds more are in development as part of Clarion’s long-term regeneration of homes in the borough.

He said: “First and foremost, we want to be out in the community and showing residents we’re on their side and that we’re listening. Creating high quality, sustainable homes for residents is one of our top priorities, and residents are at the heart of that.

“Our role is to hold Clarion to account, and ensure they are listening to the views of residents – to achieve that, I will be visiting other estates to hear firsthand from tenants.”