ASB Awareness Week returns for 2022

Monday 18 July marks the start of ASB Awareness Week, returning for the first time since its successful debut in 2021. 

This year’s campaign will focus on the impact of anti-social behaviour (ASB) on young people, and the importance of engaging with the wider public about their vital role in helping to tackle ASB in their communities. 

People deserve to feel safe where they live – addressing ASB is a national priority which is spearheaded by local authorities and police forces. Despite national lockdowns imposed during the pandemic, ASB continued to blight communities. 

ASB is not just a low-level nuisance, it is a crime which devastates communities and has a profound impact on victims. But just as everyone can be impacted by ASB – everyone can also play a role in tackling it too. 

Find out more about what Merton Council’s ASB officers are doing in your community, and what you can do to help them rid the borough of this pernicious menace. And you can discover more about the national ASB Awareness Week here.

Councillor Eleanor Stringer, Cabinet member for Civic Pride, said: “We’re proud as a council to be supporting ASB Awareness Week alongside other local authorities and the Home Office.

“So many people’s lives are blighted by this sort of behaviour, which can range from petty vandalism through to violent crimes that can have long-lasting effects on the victims.

“Our ASB Team has been shutting down venues in the borough over recent months and we will continue to champion the right for all residents to live in peace and without fear.”