A new scheme set up to assist people returning home from hospitals

A new pilot scheme has been set up in Merton to assist people returning home from hospitals and to speed up the hospital discharge process.  The local council is offering all adults that require help with hospital discharge a free Mascot Telecare package for up to four weeks. 

Mascot Telecare is a technology-based system that helps keep people safe and independent in their own homes.  Over 1500 people in Merton are already using the scheme.  Telecare works as a small discreet device that has a push button, which can be worn around the neck or on the wrist.  If someone requires assistance, they can push this button for a signal to go straight through to friendly staff in the Mascot Control Room, based at Merton Civic Centre. 

As well as the pendant and alarm, there is a range of other equipment including sensors placed around the home which can pick up if someone has a fall and send an alert if they are unable to push the button themselves. These can be fitted depending on the needs of the customer. The service for paying customers offers a choice of ‘monitor only’ or a full package, including a mobile response.

Councillor Peter McCabe meeting some of Mascot Telecare support staff

Civic Centre staff will assess the situation and can call emergency services, contact family and friends for assistance, offer reassurance or respond in person, depending on the needs of the individual and the situation.  The control room is operating 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.  It means that customers and their families have the reassurance that someone is just a button press away from providing help and assistance.

John Morgan, Executive Director of Adult Social Care, Integrated Care and Public Health at Merton Council, said: “Our fantastic Mascot Telecare service already supports one and a half thousand people in Merton to live independently in their own home.  The new four weeks scheme we have just launched allows this support to be extended to families that might have never previously considered it.

“For some, this additional support might be the difference between returning home and staying in hospital. The security and peace of mind felt by our customers and their families from knowing our staff are on hand 24/7 at the push of a button plays a big part in maintaining independence.”

Merton Civic Centre installers will visit your home to install the system, which is a simple process.  They will run checks to ensure that all devices are working and explain to you how everything works, and if you have any further question, you can always press the button and ask the Mascot control room staff. 

The trial device that is given for four weeks would generally consist of a pendant or wristwatch and a stand-alone alarm. There will be the option of continuing to have this service once the free period ends.

For more information about Mascot Telecare, click here.

Mascot Telephone Number 020 8274 5940