Energy matters – Small changes that make a difference

With stubbornly high energy prices, utility bills continue to be a major household cost. Where possible, small changes around the home during the summer months can help save money on energy.

Reduce your summer bills

We asked our partner Thinking Works to share some summer energy-saving tips that could help reduce energy costs this season.

  1. If you have a combi boiler, check if you can lower the flow temperature. Having it set too high could be costing you. Watch this video to find out more:
  2. Make the most of warmer weather by using a clothes horse or line to dry your clothes. If you’re drying indoors, keep windows open to reduce humidity.
  3. Recycle bath water to wash your car or your pets, water your plants or take care of your garden.
  4. Putting in thick, lined curtains can keep out strong sunlight to help cool your home in the summer and can keep heat in during the colder months too.
  5. As the weather gets warmer, take cooler showers and baths. You can save money on each degree you lower the temperature.