Council opposes plans to increase waste at Beddington Energy Recovery Facility  

The London Borough of Merton is urging residents to make sure their voices are heard after the Environment Agency said it is “minded to issue” approval for plans to increase the amount of waste treated at the Beddington ERF (energy recovery facility) site by 10%.  

The EA launched a second stage, six-week consultation which is due to end on September 1, in which they explain how they have reached their decision and provide a response to any concerns raised in the first round of consultation.   

Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Local Environment and Green Spaces, Councillor Natasha Irons said:  “Right from the start, we made our position very clear – we strongly object to the application to treat more waste at the Beddington ERF. Any intensification of the facility would add to the potential for further emissions targets to be missed, while generating yet more local traffic congestion.   

“It’s important that people get their voice heard on this issue.   We will respond to the EA once we have scrutinised their reasoning for progressing with the permit and reviewed whether they have addressed the concerns raised by us and our residents.”