Merton Council’s Adult Community Care Services have received a positive report in the latest Department of Health Performance Assessment Indicators recently released.

Cabinet Member for Care Services, Councillor Judy Saunders, announcing the results in response to a question at the Council meeting held on Wednesday 6th December, said Merton had received a good report but she also announced a package of measures to address the issues where improvement was needed.

Councillor Saunders said, “The performance assessment indicators, have given us the opportunity to compare our services with other London Boroughs. They have helped us to confirm the areas in which we are doing well and have helped us clearly identify areas of our services that requires improvements.

“We are improving on our joint working relationships with Health Partners and, in relation to costs, Merton is purchasing residential, nursing and home care for all adult groups at reasonable prices that offer best value.

“In reference to people we are caring for at home, we are offering a high proportion of them a large package of care. This is judged to be a good performance as it begins to meet the government agenda of promoting people’s independence.”

As well as the positive items, the performance assessment showed that more work needed to be done to continue the work in developing services to help service users remain in their own homes.

Councillor Saunders said: ” We have already recognised this is a major point and are developing proposals to move Merton’s Adult Community Care Services away from traditional services, and focusing on a responsive service that deals with the client’s wish for independence and flexibility.”