Council contractors recently took part in some necessary ‘fishing’ in order to promote nature conservation and maintain healthy ponds at the lake at Canon Hill Common and the three main ponds on Mitcham Common.

Fishing causes disturbance to the pond’s ecosystem by trampling of bankside vegetation, litter left around the pond and fishing line and hooks being discarded, which can injure waterfowl.

The water bodies have all also been illegally stocked with fish, usually carp, which upsets the ecological balance of the pond affecting all forms of aquatic life and decreasing biodiversity.

The work, which is part of Merton Councils no fishing policy was carried out, under licence, by an Environment Agency approved contractor. The fish were removed by netting or electro fishing, which temporarily stuns the fish. They are then transported and released in approved locations.

Commenting, Chris Mountford, Facilities Technical Manager, said: “The council approves any operation which maintains the balance of the delicate eco-system in the area. During this operation the welfare of the fish is paramount.”