Merton Council has produced an action plan to address the recommendations of the recent OFSTED Inspection Report.

The report acknowledged that good foundations had been laid for the future and these have been built upon to ensure that there is an effective response to the recommendations contained in the OFSTED report which must be addressed as the LEA’s top priority.

Councillors Maxi Martin and Karl Carter, Cabinet Members for Education and Councillor Danny Connellan, Cabinet Member for Schools Reorganisation, said:
“Merton LEA stands at the threshold of one of the most exciting and challenging periods in its education development. Although change brings with it an amount of uncertainty it also brings a chance for self-review and significant achievement.

“Merton LEA remains committed to its principal aims. The first of these is to actively promote excellence for all through the provision of quality services. The second is to work in partnership with its schools, community education, youth service, leisure and libraries service to raise standards of achievement.

‘The third is to ensure the equality of opportunity for all through the services its provides, its commitment to inclusion and its promotion of social and economic regeneration.

‘The last aim is to provide, promote and maintain the means to meet the aspirations of both individuals and the borough’s diverse communities for lifelong learning and well-being.

“We were extremely pleased with the results of the OFSTED inspection report, which showed that the LEA is providing an extremely high standard education service.

‘We have made considerable progress in Merton over the last few years and we hope that by setting out the arrangements proposed in the Action Plan we will be able, with our schools, to move forward and achieve even more for our pupils.”