More than 20 schools in Merton have received highly regarded Achievement Awards from the Government for improvement and excellence.

The Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) made the announcement on 15 March that 18 of Merton’s schools will receive Awards for Improvement due to the substantial improvements in their SATS/exam results between 1997 and 1990.

Five more schools in the borough have also been handed Excellence Awards for achieving better SATS/exam results in 2000 than similar schools.

Each school will receive a cash reward of between £3000 and £20,000.

In addition, each winning school will also collect a certificate and the right to use the Achievement Awards’ logo on their letterheads.

Cabinet Members for Education, Councillor Maxi Martin and Councillor Karl Carter, said: “This is a tremendous achievement for these schools and it firmly underlines the really good things that are happening in Merton’s education system as a whole.

“We are very proud of these awards and it’s a case of hats off to all the staff, pupils and governors at each school for making it happen.”

Note to Editors:

The schools winning Improvement Awards:

Abbotsbury First, Benedict First, Bishop Gilpin First, Bushey First, Gorringe Park Middle, Haslemere First, Liberty Middle, Links First, Malmesbury First, Malmsesbury Middle, Merton Abbey First, Morden Farm Middle, Park House Middle, Sherwood First, St Marks First, William Morris Middle, Stanford Middle, Tamworth Manor High

The schools winning Excellence Awards:

St Matthews First, St Marys First, St Anns Special, Ricards Lodge High, Merton Park