Merton’s streets, town centres, car parks and housing areas look set to become even safer following a bid to government to fund more CCTV cameras.

Merton Partnership Against Crime, made up of the council and police, together with other agencies involved in community safety in Merton, has heard its bid to the Government Office for London for funding has progressed to Final Bid stage.

There are currently over 50 cameras in place, with another 30 already in the pipeline.

This latest bid, strongly supported by residents’ and business groups as well as the tram and train operators, is to pay for 11 permanent cameras on Sadler Close Housing Estate, Mitcham, where a temporary four-camera system is in place at the moment.

If successful the money will also pay for six more cameras on the Phipps Bridge Estate, Mitcham, specifically covering areas between the Church Road shops and the two new Tramlink stops.

Three cameras covering the shops, houses and entrance to Thameslink’s St Helier Station in Green Lane Morden and one additional camera in Mitcham Town Centre at Three Kings Piece would also be installed.

If secured Government funds of about £280,000 will be available to pay for the capital cost of installing the equipment while the annual running costs will have to be covered by Merton Council and its partners in the initiatives.

CCTV is monitored 24 hours each day, with direct links to the local police control room.

It is being used actively and extensively by the police and the Council as a vital tool for detecting crime, catching offenders, preventing crime and reducing the fear of crime, improving the general safety of the community and the vitality and economy of local businesses in the Borough’s town centres.

Final results on the application for funds should be known by the end of June this year.