Canon Hill Common contains a nature reserve that is now accessible only by organised parties or during twice yearly open days – one of these tours is taking place on Sunday, 22 April 2001, beginning at 9am.

The common is owned and managed by Merton Council and is freely accessible to the public. A large part of became a Local Nature Reserve in 1998. There is a small parcel of land in the centre of the common however, which is managed by the London Wildlife Trust that has restricted access.

The tour will start at the Cannon Hill Lane end of the lake for anyone wishing to come along. Ron Kettle, Friend of Cannon Hill Common, is an expert on the area and will be leading the tour on the open day. After the walk the London Wildlife Trust Reserve, behind the pavilion, will be open for visitors to see some rare wildlife.

Councillor Linda Kirby, Chair of Merton Environment & Safety Forum, recently went on one of Ron’s guided tours and said: “The walk was impressive and it was obvious that a lot of time and effort has been invested in this beautiful part of Merton.

“Ron’s knowledge into the flora and fauna of the area means that studying the local wildlife with binoculars becomes very interesting and rewarding.”

Cannon Hill Common is the ideal habitat for rare species such as green woodpeckers, emperor dragonfly, tufted ducks and cuckoo flowers and hosts a variety of trees such as oak, willow, birch and horse-chestnut

For more information on how to join the Open Day call The Ecology Department on (020) 8545 3658