Jayne jumps for All Saints

On Tuesday 21st of August Jayne Ayres, who attends Merton – run All Saints Centre, a day service in South Wimbledon, will take part in a tandem parachute jump to raise funds for the members of the centre, and to raise awareness about the day service.

Jayne, who has attended the centre for the past three years, developed MS nine years ago and has been using a wheelchair for the past year. She is keen to show that people with disabilities can lead full lives and take part in interesting and sometimes mad activities.

“A disability shouldn’t stop you living a full life. In a lot of way I am doing an awful lot more now that I did before I found out I had MS. I am doing the jump for the day centre, because I enjoy my time there, it is somewhere I can be myself.”

The All Saints Centre has been caring for the needs of people with disabilities for almost 20 years, and provides a wide range of leisure, educational and other services, including arts, multimedia studies and drama. The Centre also provides an outreach service.

The jump, which is scheduled for the 21st of August – weather permitting, will take place at the Airfield in Headcorn, Kent. Jayne will do the tandem jump with an instructor from Slipstream Parachute club.

If you are interested in sponsoring Jayne, or would like further information about the centre contact All Saints Centre on 020 8542 9587.