Fans’ Day- Selhurst Park, 16 December

Merton urging football fans to support Wimbledon’s cause

This Sunday presents an ideal opportunity for football followers throughout Merton to give support to embattled Wimbledon Football Club fans.

Merton Mayor Councillor Stuart Pickover and Council Leader Councillor Andrew Judge have urged all true football supporters – whatever club they support – to go to Selhurst Park to show club management throughout the country that football belongs to its fans.

Councillor Judge said: “Everyone should wear their own club colours and come out to support football, as well as the Wimbledon fans.

“It is time to show everyone involved in football that without the fans who go to matches, and who watch games on television, football would not exist at its present level. The players with their multi million pound pay cheques and the club owners who are simply in the game to increase their bank balance would get nowhere without their fans. Unfortunately, too many clubs forget that today.

“Now is the time for fans to fight back.

“What is happening to Wimbledon now, if it was allowed to proceed, could happen to any club tomorrow.”

Councillor Pickover who has already declared that he will not attend any football match as a guest of the club until the Milton Keynes project is consigned to the dustbin but who has attended two matches with fans this season said:

“I have been a football fan all my life and I want to tell Club Chairmen anywhere, the FA and the League that they should treat real football supporters with respect. Perhaps they should spend a few games sitting with fans instead of being locked away in their Directors’ boxes. Then they might hear the truth, if they are prepared to listen.”