Merton Council Leader calls for restraint by London Mayor

Merton Council Leader, Councillor Andrew Judge, has called for restraint by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, and the Greater London Authority.

He said: ?Suggestions that Mayor Livingstone is looking at GLA budget increases of 30%+ must not be allowed to happen.

?All Boroughs in London are facing budget cuts this year to keep Council Taxes for local residents down to a manageable level.

?If we have to add a huge precept from the GLA to our own Council Tax Bill it will do no favours to our own residents.

?The Council Tax is a relatively flat tax which means increases have a disproportionate effect on those with negligent income and any additional costs imposed by the GLA through the precept will lead to more questioning of the worth of the Authority.

?I do not want that to happen. I am a supporter of the GLA, and believe it has an important role to play in the London life, but Mayor Livingstone and the members of the Authority need to learn financial restraint, just as we do in the Borough.?