Web feat at Merton school

High school students revamp their school website Pupils at one of Merton’s schools have completely updated and restyled their school website.

Year 11 students, Waheeda Rahman, Yuen-in Lau and Camilla Chan of Rowan High school decided the school’s website looked dated and decided to give it a makeover before they took their final exams at the end of term.

Using ICT skills they picked up in after school classes funded by the government’s New Opportunities Fund, the girls spent Tuesday afternoons as web designers and produced a site packed with information and useful content for current, former and prospective pupils, parents and staff.

School newsletters are now on-line, exam tables can be found easily, art and history projects are displayed virtually and work carried out in Summer schools can also be found. Additionally, there is a section featuring photos of life at the school throughout the years.

Deputy Head, David Grant, said: “We’re tremendously proud of the work the girls have done to the website. It not only helps the school, but the girls will always be able to refer to it as an example of what they’re capable of, particularly for future university application or employment opportunities. I’m also pleased that we have Year 9 and 10 pupils ready to carry on the good work and keep the website fresh and exciting.”

Sue Evans, Director of Education, Leisure & Libraries, said: “I’ve looked at the website and I must say I’m very impressed. I would like to congratulate not only the girls’ effort but also the staff at Rowan for providing the ICT classes and the opportunity to work on the website.”