Pink is the colour, recycling is the game!

Merton Council trials a Pink Bag recycling scheme

Merton Council is tickled pink with the success of the new pink bag recycling scheme, which is currently being trailed at households across the borough in order to increase the amount of waste the borough recycles.

During a four week period 7,500 residents have been asked to participate in the Pink Bag Scheme by putting their plastic waste, cans, cardboard and foil into the pink bag. The Council is responsible for picking up household waste and is already committed to recycling by providing residents with green boxes for recycling paper. The trial aims to increase the amount of waste recycled by the borough, which is currently 18 per cent.

The Council has been collecting the pink bags using various methods and then sending them to a recycling centre. In the first week of the trail the pink bags were collected by the refuse vehicles and then separated from the black refuse bags at the depot for recycling. Although the trial has already been successful the Council would like to encourage more residents in the areas involved in the trial to put out their pink bags.

The average percentage of residents who participated in the scheme during the first two weeks of the trail were as follows:

Collection day and % Residents who participated in the scheme
Monday 35%
Tuesday 27%
Wednesday 30%
Thursday 30%
Friday 19%

Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Quality, Councillor Linda Kirby, said: “The Pink Bag scheme is a fantastic way of increasing the amount of household waste recycled by the residents in a convenient and effective way. I would like to thank the large number of residents who are participating in the trial. They have provided some very useful comments and feedback, which will help decide on future recycling services.”

For further information or to give feedback on the Pink Bag trial contact 020 8545 4157.