Merton joins WFC Task Force

Fight will continue

Merton Council has joined a ‘task force’ to continue the fight to keep Wimbledon Football Club in London.

Following a meeting on 31 May between Merton, WISA, the Dons Trust and Lord Faulkner, Council Leader Andrew Judge pledged continuing council support to retain the Dons in or near the borough of Merton.

The task force meeting was very constructive and the group decided its first priority was to see if any avenues remained to challenge the Independent Commission’s decision to allow WFC to move to Milton Keynes.

If there is nothing to stop the club moving, then the task force wish to ensure that at least the Club’s history and identity remains in Merton.

Particularly, the group wants to retain the key elements of the Dons’ identity such as the club’s badge, which contains part of the original Wimbledon Town Council coat of arms. The task force believe the use of the badge in a region over 50 miles away, is an insult to the origins and traditions the badge represents.

Councillor Andrew Judge also promised council support for a newly created team in the borough-a project being undertaken by the Dons Trust and WISA.

Councillor Andrew Judge said: “The fight is not over. Whatever happens, Merton has pledged to help in anyway it can to ensure we have a football team in Merton in the future.”