Merton Launches Race Equality Scheme

Equality integral part of the way Council works

Merton’s Cabinet has approved the council’s new Race Equality Scheme, designed to ensure that unlawful discrimination is eliminated, and equality of opportunity and good relations are promoted between persons of different racial groups.

Under UK legislation public authorities including all councils are required to set out a 3-year plan showing how they intend to ensure racial equality is an integral part of all the services they provide and also in their employment practices.

The Commission for Racial Equality will train inspectors who will monitor the effectiveness and measure the success of the scheme. They will work closely with Councillors and Council staff to ensure that the commitments given in the scheme are kept up to date and that the improvements the scheme sets out to achieve are delivered.

The Council is already a leader in race equality as shown in it’s response to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report, ‘The Past we inherit, the Future we build’. The Racial Equality Scheme builds upon this work and reinforces the council’s commitment to equality and valuing diversity.

Roger Paine, Chief Executive, said: “Merton is committed to race equality. Our vision ‘to make Merton a great place to live work and learn’ includes the objective of full and equal access to learning, employment, services and cultural life and the celebration of diversity. With this new scheme we are building upon the work already in place.

Race equality will continue to be an integral part of the way we work.”

For more details on Merton’s commitment to equality please call Monica Wambu, Equalities Policy Officer (Service Delivery), 020 8545 3532, Marsha Dann, Equalities Officer (Service Delivery), 020 8545 3532 or Leroy McDonald, Equalities and Diversity Officer (Employment), 020 8545 3433.