Updated Equal Opportunities Policy Launched

Immediate release
Issue number 157/02

Merton has updated its Equal Opportunity and Valuing Diversity Policy.

The policy is part of the council’s vision, ‘To make Merton a great place to work and learn.’ Objective 5 of the vision, ‘Equalities Merton’, sets out the council’s commitment for full and equal access to learning, employment, services and cultural life and the celebration of diversity.

The policy was drawn up in consultation with a wide section of the community and council staff.

Roger Paine, Merton’s Chief Executive, said: “Valuing diversity is a policy which builds upon our commitment to equal opportunities.

“This policy is for everyone. Its aim is to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunity for all Borough residents, users of the Council’s services and Council employees.”

Members of staff and Councillors will be trained in equality and diversity awareness to ensure customer care. .

The policy will be reviewed on a two yearly basis in consultation with Councillors, staff, appropriate national equality organisations, local voluntary organisations and the community. The results of impact assessments, reviews, initiatives, monitoring and consultation exercises will be publicised locally and reflected in changes to service delivery and revisions of this policy.

Press Contact- Jan Leslie

Note to editor
1. The Council has a legal duty to provide all services and employment opportunities fairly and without discrimination. This duty arises from the Disabilities Discrimination Act, Race Relations legislation, Human Rights Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, Equal Pay legislation, and the equal opportunities requirements of legislation relating to the Council’s specific functions such as Education and Social Services.