Reach for the Stars

Mayor of Merton helps students to realize goals

The Mayor of Merton, Councillor Edith Macauley, urged young African Refugees to reach for the stars at the African Culture Promotion’s Educational Training Day last month.

The African Culture Promotion is a scheme where participants from countries including the Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe, come to Merton and are given apprenticeships and educated to make informed choices about their future. They organised the Educational Training Day to help young people make career decisions.

The Mayor joined the students at Surrey University and spoke to them about the goals that she had set herself, and how she had achieved them. She encouraged the students to think about their goals and how to set about reaching them, before answering questions from the students.

Councillor Edith Macauley, Merton’s first female Afro-Caribbean Mayor, said: ” I was delighted to attend the event. Meeting the students and hearing their views was very interesting. I think it is a marvellous initiative and I give my wholehearted support.

‘ I achieved my goals by being a Councillor and becoming the Mayor of Merton. By talking about my goals to the students, I hope to see they all take that initiative and reach their career goals as well.’