Merton Council battles to save Post Office

Merton Council has spoken out against Safeway’s plans to close its post office franchise in Morden.

In a conversation with council officials last week, Safeway revealed they will not be renewing their post office franchise in their Morden store, which is due to close mid January.

The post office, a lifeline to a large number of pensioners and people on benefits in the area, is a focal part of the Morden community and its disappearance would threaten the vitality of the town.

In a bid to save the post office, the Morden Town Centre Working Party will be discussing the closure tonight at a meeting in the Civic Centre. Royal Mail are making an appeal for new providers and premises in the area for the post office to relocate.

Chair of the meeting, Cllr Philip Jones said: “The post office brings people to Morden who wouldn’t otherwise visit. Morden has struggled as a town centre, and loss of this key service will push it down again.

“Tonight we will aim to bring practical solutions to the table of how to keep this hub of the Morden Community.’


Press Contact – Sophie Poole

Notes to Editor

1. All press are welcome to attend tonight’s Morden Town Centre Working Party at the Civic Centre, 6.30pm in Committee Room C.

2. Because of its location within Safeway, the Morden Post Office remains open for longer periods than the sub-offices on local shopping parades. Closure will remove a key amenity that is currently enjoyed by people in the area.

3. Many of the local post offices in the area are being closed or under threat of closure due to the drive by the post office to rationalise its network. The area would end up being significantly under provided if this one were to close.