Give up your toy weapons!

Merton’s libraries and schools are taking part in a project to highlight the effects of conflict.

The Surrender a Weapon scheme, launched by aid charity, Medicins du Monde, is asking children to visit their local library and “surrender” a toy weapon or leave a drawing or a message. Everyone taking part will receive a certificate.

The scheme runs from Thursday 21 November to Saturday, 7 December.

Every surrendered weapon will become part of a sculpture to be produced by a local artist and schoolchildren.
A display featuring books about countries (most) affected by conflict and information leaflets produced by Medicins du Monde will also be in each library.

The scheme, also taking place in France, Germany and Holland, is being supported by Joseph Hood, St Mary’s and Bond Primary schools and surrender check points and displays will feature in Morden, Mitcham, Wimbledon and Pollards Hill libraries.

An additional check-point can be found in the Jubilee Wood that is being planted in Morden Park.

For more information on the scheme please call Gordon Brewin on 020 8545 3773.