CPA results welcomed

Merton Council has welcomed the release of the government’s Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) results.

The new ratings system, carried out by the Audit Commission and one that every local authority has to take part in, has assessed key services in Merton as well as its corporate effectiveness.

The results of the key service assessment and the corporate assessment makes up Merton’s overall CPA score. The key services; Education, Social Services, Benefits, Waste Services, Sports and Leisure and Asset management and the capital strategy were assessed and most received high scores.

The corporate assessment element looked at the progress Merton has made since the corporate governance inspection that took place earlier this year and rated it against nine themes: its ambition, focus, prioritisation, capacity, performance management, achievement, investment, learning and future plans.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Judge, said: “We have welcomed the CPA process and the results as it has given us an objective assessment as to how we, as a local authority, are serving the people of Merton.

“Our overall score was just one point below being placed in the ‘fair’ category. So, while we may be disappointed in that sense, it is clear we are heading in the right direction and have much to be proud of as an authority.”

“Obviously we value the independence of the CPA team and with their recommendations we are in a position to better focus our resources and prioritise to ensure we are delivering a high quality service our residents deserve. It is clear from the inspection that we have improved steadily over the last 18 months. We will continue that progress until the Council is rated “excellent”.

“The recommendations of the Inspectors are in line with our improvement plans and we shall ensure that they are put into action. There are no quick fix solutions. We must embed good practice across the authority so that improvements are sustained over time.”

“During the year we have seen our Social Services department score a huge success by becoming one of the fastest to come off of Special Measures and Education’s Schools Reorganisation Project is being successfully implemented.”

“I am positive our ‘Weak’ rating for 2002 will improve in next year’s league table. I am committed to making sure Merton climbs the rankings ladder and is competing with the best local authorities in the country.”