OFSTED Sings the Praises of the Priory

The school, based in Wimbledon, received their official OFSTED report this week, highlighting many significant strengths in the areas of high quality teaching.

The school achieved above national average in maths and science, assessment, leadership, behaviour and attitude of the children, special educational needs, English as an additional language and the learning environment.

The report highlights that despite recent building works due to re-organisation, The Priory has successfully turned into an effective primary school in which inspectors noted consistently good teaching and learning throughout the age range.

Headteacher Angeles Walford said: “All lessons viewed were judged to be satisfactory with 8 out of 10 lessons judged to be good or very good, and some lessons were excellent.

“The report describes the quality of music as of an exceptionally high standard and the school as ‘a very caring and supportive school where the well being of all pupils is important to all members of staff.’

“I am delighted to have taken the school through a very successful re-organisation and come out at the other end with such a wonderful report that truly reflects the school.

“I have a wonderful team of staff, parents and children and they are all responsible in some way for this outstanding achievement”.

Peter Holdsworth, Chief Inspector and Head of School Effectiveness for Merton LEA said: ” This report reflects a great deal of hard work and dedication on the part of the Head, governors and staff at The Priory School.

“We are already seeing the benefits of schools reorganisation in the Borough and The Priory along with all our new primary schools will continue to push to improve standards even further.”

The school is holding an Open Day on Monday 20th January for prospective new parents. Further details are available from the school on 020 8540 8059.


Press Contact: Georgina Hart 0208 545 3483

* NOTE: OFSTED stands for Office For Standards in Education