The group, aged between 14 and 22, has met weekly since November at Mitcham Library, aiming to set up a local, youth-oriented magazine that is informative, educational, entertaining and relevant to today’s youth culture.

The core of the group is made up of 12 to 14 local youths from the Merton Youth Service, which is jointly funding the magazine, together with local libraries.

John Pateman, Head of Library and Heritage Services, said the group has worked hard to achieve their goals and commended the students on their dedication and commitment to the project.

“The group usually meets on a Monday evening at Mitcham, however recently they have been meeting three or four days a week to meet the first deadline tomorrow.

“This is an excellent experience for the entire group, learning about writing styles, how to compile a magazine, cohesive teamwork and working to reach deadlines.

“Those involved in the project have been very proactive in seeking other members to join the group and are always very receptive to any ideas or suggestions.

“The long-term aim of the group is to produce a bi-monthly magazine that will have a solid and expandable reader base amongst Merton’s youth.

“It is hoped that ‘Merton Sense’ will be widely received through links with Merton Youth, local Youth Centres, libraries, schools and colleges.

“They have worked extremely hard to put this magazine together and it is hoped that it will become a great success. We are eagerly looking forward to the first publication,” he said.

The deadline for the first issue is tomorrow, Friday 31 January.


For further information, please contact John Pateman on 0208 545 3770

Press Contact:
Georgina Hart 0208 545 3483