Date with the Time Team

An archaeological investigation on the Merton Abbey Mills site, by TV’s Time Team, will be broadcast on Channel Four at 5.30pm on Sunday 9 February.

The Time Team investigation took place between the 25 and 27 September 2002. The focus was the industrial archaeology, particularly in relation to fabric printing on the site.

Three sites were excavated and the location of the excavations was determined by map evidence from the first Edition of the Ordnance Survey, which showed buildings in these areas. The sites were located as follows:
· One site was to the north of the Wheelhouse,
· The second was on the opposite bank of the Wandle, to the north of the electricity pylon
· The third was near the Colour House Theatre.

A local diving club also assisted the Time Team in studying the Wandle River. The divers found foundations of various buildings, timbers and evidence of early bridge construction along with numerous items of modern crockery and a mobile phone.

Councillor Russell Makin, Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Public Protection, said: “I am delighted that Channel Four’s Time Team conducted an archaeological investigation at Merton Abbey Mills and it demonstrates the rich heritage we have in the borough. I am looking forward to watching the programme on Sunday.”

It is hoped that Time Team will prepare a short summary of the excavations for the Council, which will be published on Merton’s web site.

For further information about Time Team visit For questions relating to the programme contact Viewer Enquiries, Channel 4 Television, 124 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2TX, telephone 020 7306 8333, or fax 020 7306 8347.