MPAC Anti-Burglary Partnership A Resounding Success

In the past, November has proven to be a peak time for burglary so the police and the council developed a joint operation to tackle the problem.

The operation involved building closer links between CCTV operators and the police. This meant that the police’s detailed local knowledge could be combined with the technical skills of the staff in the CCTV control room, backed up by a police rapid response unit.

The operation targeted the roads with the highest burglary rates, which in November 2002 accounted for 44% of all burglaries in the area.

CCTV equipment was used to target these roads and the police were able to identify known criminals in the area.

The operation resulted in six arrests for theft-related offences and eighteen known criminals were stopped and searched.

There was a 69% decrease in burglary along targeted roads, with no evidence of crime displacement as the number of burglaries outside the target area did not increase.

Cllr Andrew Judge, Leader of the Council, said: “This is an excellent example of the council and the police working in partnership in order to tackle crime effectively.

“The operation has shown that by working together we can make a real difference to resident’s quality of life and help to make Merton SAFE & SOUND.”


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