Merton plays ‘Beat thy Neighbour’ as it proposes low Council Tax rise

Merton Council residents could receive the lowest increase to their Council Tax bill in years compared to residents living in neighbouring outer London boroughs.

Merton Councillors will debate the proposed increase at the Council’s budget meeting next Wednesday which could see Council Tax rise by just 8 per cent, one of the lowest increases in London.

Neighbouring outer London boroughs Council Tax could potentially rise between 11.9 per cent at Sutton and up to 26.8 per cent at Croydon.

The Council also proposes to secure significant growth towards street scene issues such as street cleaning as a direct result of the views of residents following the ward by ward surveys carried out borough wide over the past year.

Councillor Andrew Judge, Leader of Merton Council said: “This year has been a difficult budget process, but we are pleased with the small increase we are proposing, compared to our neighbouring and other outer London boroughs.

“This budget has also been different compared to other years. Thanks to the ward by ward surveys we now have a global picture of what residents want improved in the borough and this has been the driving force behind the our proposed budget growth.

“Residents feel strongly about the environment they live in. They want to see improvements to the cleanliness of their streets. Therefore a significant amount of our growth will go towards this area.

“We are proud to call this the residents budget based on the residents priorities.”


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Notes to the Editors

The proposed Council Tax figures do not include Greater London Authority Precept which would increase the proposed Council Tax Band D rate to 11.6 per cent.