Safe & Sound with ‘Hammers and Spanners’ Library

The grant will be distributed across all Wardens’ sites within the borough to purchase tools and gardening equipment for the tool library service.

Merton Youth Offending Services and Street Wardens are working in partnership on this project to also supply youths on Court Reparation orders with community-based work.

Ian Fall, Street Warden Supervisor, said: “The Youth Offending Service approached the Warden Scheme to find what kind of tasks on estates that young offenders could undertake.

“The wardens are aware of areas on their estates that need litter picking, gardening, graffiti removal and other such responsibilities that could be met by some youth offenders on their rehabilitation program.

“Those who envisage using the tools would primarily be residents, however equipment will be extended to those working in partnership with the Warden Scheme, such as the Youth Offending Service Reparation officer.

“The Neighbourhood and Street Warden Partnership will help to make areas where work is carried out ‘SAFE & SOUND’,” Ian Fall said.

Reparation officer, Belinda Heaslip said: “The youths undertaking the work as part of their Reparation order will be supervised and risk-assessed in order for them to carry out their duties.

“Community Reparation represents proactive and positive intervention for young
people to make amends within the community and serves as an effective
rehabilitation for young offenders,” Belinda said.


Press Contact: Georgina Hart 0208 545 3483