Streets ahead

Residents are kerbing their desire to put everything in the bin according to the latest results of Merton Council’s kerbside recycling pilot scheme.

The Council have been running a pilot scheme of kerbside recycling collections to 1500 properties in Lower Morden by extending the types of recyclables collected in the area. The Council aim to roll the scheme out across the borough over the next 12 months.

Since 1999 Merton has operated a kerbside recycling scheme to collect paper across the borough with the green box scheme. The new pilot scheme enables Lower Morden residents to put glass as well as paper in their green box, and plastic bottles, cans and cardboard into a second box.

The aim of the pilot is to assess the best method of collection. An extended borough-wide scheme is expected to be phased in across the borough throughout 2003 and to be fully operational across the whole borough by March 2004. When the pilot is extended, residents will be notified about the scheme shortly before it is due to begin in their area.

Initial results show the pilot has been a success with approximately 30 per cent of Lower Morden residents recycling paper, fifteen percent recycling glass and sixteen per cent recycling dry recyclables. However Merton is urging more residents in the pilot area to make use of the kerbside recycling scheme and consider what they can recycle rather than binning all their household waste.

Councillor Linda Kirby, Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Quality, said: “I am delighted with the results of pilot scheme but would urge all residents in Lower Morden to join in the scheme. The Kerbside scheme makes recycling easier for Merton’s residents and I hope it will encourage them to think of recycling as a natural part of the process of putting the bins out for collection.”

Merton successfully bid for a share of the London Recycling Fund earlier this year and was awarded £1/2 million. This meant the Council were able to fund this new and improved kerbside recycling service for residents.

For more information about the Kerbside Recycling Scheme contact 020 8274 4902 or visit


Notes to editors
The London Recycling Fund was created in 2002 after London successfully secured the £21 Million share of the Governments £140 Million National Recycling Fund.
London Boroughs were invited to make project applications for recycling and waste minimisation projects. The applications were assessed by a board, lead by London Waste