Lord Harris visits Merton

In April, Lord Harris, Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), visited Merton as part of a series of scheduled MPA consultation visits to all London Boroughs in order to discuss local policing issues, partnership working and the role of the MPA.

Cllr Linda Kirby, Chair of Merton Community & Police Consultative Group, opened the meeting, attended by council officers, representatives from community groups and councillors, and stated that she believes “partnership working in Merton is excellent and Merton Partnership Against Crime is one of the best Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships in London”

Chief Superintendent Des Stout, Metropolitan Police Borough Commander, talked about key policing issues, performance as well as updating the audience on recent partnership initiatives that have been successful in reducing crime and disorder. He stated that “The work has only been possible through good partnership and good communication”.

Keith Davis, London Borough of Merton Assistant Chief Executive, talked about partnership work, highlighting the success of Merton’s Partnership Against Crime (MPAC), saying: “Investment in Merton works and this is down to its partnership working and this has been highlighted in two external inspections where work on community safety was praised”.

The impact of the introduction of Police Community Support Officers in Merton was considered and the meeting discussed how they will work alongside existing police and Merton’s Neighbourhood and Street Wardens.

The meeting also discussed a number of initiatives that MPAC has put in place in order to make Merton Safe & Sound, including Neighbourhood & Street Wardens, CCTV, cross-borough working with Sutton and the success of the Youth Offending Service.


PRESS CONTACT – Kirstin Rowan