Reaching for the stars

Merton school’s achievements have been recognised, as sixteen Merton Schools have been included in this year’s list of School Achievement Award winners, which was announced by the Department of Education and Skills on 7 May 2003.

School achievement awards reflect rapid improvements in school performance as measured by national texts and examinations. The awards are intended to celebrate and reward the efforts of teams and to encourage further improvements.

The majority of awards are given to schools where pupil performance shows substantial improvement over time, or where it can be demonstrated that pupil performance in a specific year is better than most schools in similar circumstances. Awards are also given to schools leaving special measures.

The awards must be used to provide bonuses for staff. All staff, teaching and non-teaching, working full time or part time at a school will be eligible for bonuses. A typical primary school will get about £5,700 and a typical secondary school about £25,700.

The Merton schools that have received Achievement Awards for 2003 are:

Beecholme Primary School
Hatfeild Primary School
Hollymount Primary School
Links Primary School
Malmesbury Primary School
Sherwood Primary School
Singlegate Primary School
Wimbledon Park Primary School
Liberty Primary School
Stanford Primary School
Wimbledon Chase Primary School
All Saints C.of E. Primary School
Bishop Gilpin C of E Primary School
St. Teresa’s R.C. Primary School
Wimbledon College
Cricket Green School

Councillor Geraldine Stanford said “I am delighted that almost one third of Merton’s schools have been recognised by the award scheme. This is further evidence of the improvements being made by schools across the Borough. It reflects a great deal of hard work by school staff – teachers, support and admin staff, which is having a very positive impact on pupils’ performance.”

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