Council Tax collection up

Merton Council’s performance for collecting Council Tax improved last year by ½ per cent. This brings the Council Tax collection rate up to 96.43%. Leaving only 3.57% of all Council Tax bills remained unpaid at the end of the year. Those who do not pay are vigorously pursued to ensure that the outstanding balance is paid.

Those who ‘won’t pay’ are subject to normal recovery action, which could include court action, bailiff action and possible bankruptcy. If these courses of action are taken, any fees incurred, which can be substantial are charged to the individual.

For those who ‘can’t pay’, Council Tax benefit may be available, residents need can come into Merton Link at the Civic Centre, complete an application form and produce the relevant documentation. If you are assessed as being eligible it will be credited onto your account.

Our advice is, when you receive a Council Tax bill or reminder, if you unable to pay, do not ignore it, contact the Council immediately as this may save you money in the long run.

There are various payment methods available, including installments, direct debit, on-line and over the phone. If you wish to set up an arrangement, and you are not in arrears, get in touch with the Councils new contact centre on 020 8274 4903.


PRESS CONTACT – Kirstin Rowan