St Mary’s School praised by Ofsted

Another Merton school has received an excellent Ofsted report following an inspection earlier this year.

St Mary’s Primary School in Wimbledon, which has recently become an all-through Primary School, following the Schools Reorganisation project, was classed as a very good school by the inspectors.

The report stated one of the reasons the pupils achieve well at St Mary’s is because the teaching staff have high expectations of them and the pupils also learn to have a high expectations of themselves.

Highlights of the report included:

· Encourages each individual to do their best and values their contribution to the school community
· Fosters excellent relationships and promotes very good behaviour and attitudes
· Children make a good start to their education in the Foundation Stage
· Teaching is consistently good and pupils make good progress in English, maths and science
· Provision for music is very good and standards are high
· Links with parents and the community are very positive
· The headteacher giver a strong lead in setting expectations of the whole school community

The Ofsted inspectors did find a few areas that could be improved and these are being addressed by the school governors’ action plan already.

Fran Hibbert, Chair of Governors, said: “We are very pleased with the school’s inspection report and I would like to thank all the staff, pupils, parents and governors for their contribution. It really is a team effort and I look forward to the next school year when we can, again, work together to make St Mary’s even better.”

Head of School Effectiveness, Peter Holdsworth, said: “Congratulations are in order for everyone at St Mary’s. It’s an excellent report. The academic year during which the inspection took place was only its second as an all-through Primary. This report provides further evidence of the success of our schools’ reorganisation initiative and its positive impact on pupil performance.”