Don’t forget to register to vote

Merton’s annual voter registration canvass is now underway. All of Merton’s 78,000 households will be receiving their green form shortly. Information requested during the annual canvas is required by law, although people can register at any time of the year if they move.

This year, people from more countries than ever before can register to vote. With the expected increase in the size of the European Union in 2004, people from countries such as Poland and Lithuania can now register and should then be eligible to vote at next year’s London Mayor and Assembly, as well as European Parliament elections.

The new register will be published this December, the full register is used for specified purposes only, like electoral purposes, the prevention and detection of crime, and checking identity when applying for credit. However electors now have the choice whether they also appear on an edited version of the register, which can be sold on to anyone for any purpose. For several years, there were complaints about names and addresses being passed on for things like ‘junk mail’, now electors are given the choice.

Merton Electoral Services is one of the best in London in getting returns from households. They are urging residents to return their form as soon as they can. If anyone would like more information on electoral registration or voting they can call 020 8545 3407 or email