Stanford Primary to hold their first Diwali celebration

Teachers, parents and pupils at Stanford Primary School are preparing for an evening of celebration on Thursday 23rd October, when they are holding their first Diwali evening.

The evening is open to all regardless of faith, and involves a modern re-telling of the Diwali story. Entertainment is provided by Indian dancers with a feast of Indian vegetarian food provided by local restaurants.

Mandy Jayasingham, a local resident and child minder to several school pupils has organised the evening with help from both pupils and staff.

Peter Talbot, Head Teacher at Stanford Primary said:

“This is an exciting evening for the children to be involved in and supports the interests and cultures that reflect the local community. The evening provides us with the opportunity to learn more about the Hindu celebration of Diwali.

“I welcome all projects that give the school the opportunity to form closer links with the community and widen all our pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them.”

Entry: £5 for adults, £2.50 for children, all proceeds go to direct to the school.