Get your priorities right!

Your views on tackling crime will be taken into account, as Merton Partnership Against Crime (MPAC) will use the results of their recent survey of residents and visitors to the borough, to aid the annual review of Merton’s Crime & Disorder Strategy 2002-2003.

The survey aimed to discover if those who live and work in the borough agreed with the current priorities in the Strategy. The seven priorities are:
· The involvement of young people in crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour (including graffiti, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles)
· Hate crime (including domestic violence and racially motivated crime)
· Drug crime
· Alcohol crime
· Street crime
· Burglary
· Motor vehicle crime

Ninety-four per cent of respondents agreed with the seven priorities.

When asked if there was anything else they felt should be included in the strategy the most common suggestions were traffic offences, the protection of vulnerable people, youth provision and issues surrounding parks and open spaces in the borough.

Councillor Andrew Judge, Leader of Merton Council, thanked everyone who took part in the consultation and said, “Residents overwhelmingly agree with the current priorities but we will be looking at how to address additional concerns with our partners in order to make Merton Safe & Sound”.