School children team up to clean up!

Merton’s Neighbourhood Wardens cleaned up school grounds and the areas surrounding them, in conjunction with the Head Teachers of Bond, Haslemere, Benedict, Liberty and Morden Primary Schools and approximately 250 pupils last month.

The clean-ups took place on several dates in October 2003. Each school provided between 25 and 60 children to help tidy the area and promote a clean and safe environment.

The Neighbourhood Renewal Unit, in conjunction with EnCams, provided clean-up kits, including litter pickers and a number of bags. The wardens filmed the clean-ups, helping to highlight their role in youth activities and illustrate the diverse nature of the wardens’ role in helping to keep the environment clean.

During the events, lasting roughly 45 minutes at each school, pupils collected between four and five bags full of rubbish, and were awarded a certificate of thanks. The warden scheme also distributed information pertaining to safety on the fast- approaching Bonfire Night.

Su Assinen, Cabinet Member for Regeneration said, “This is a great effort – its hands-on approach means that the Neighbourhood Wardens can easily communicate with children about environmental issues, teaching them to be more responsible for their environments without giving lectures. At the same time they can increase awareness of issues, for example bike theft and Bonfire Night.”

For more information, please contact Laura Hill on 020 8545 4028.