Merton Mainstreams its Wardens

Immediate Release
Item number 422/04

31 March 2004

Merton Mainstreams its Wardens
Warden budget for 2004/05 announced

Despite recent reports of Warden schemes being cut due to lack of funding, Merton Council has allocated their award-winning Neighbourhood Warden Scheme a budget of £171,000 per year.

The wardens have more than proven their worth for Merton in the past, winning approval amongst both residents and authorities. Satisfaction levels among residents in target areas are running at over 80% and real reductions in disorder and anti-social behaviour including environmental crime. Merton has been asked by the ODPM to develop one of the four regional Warden Training and Resource Centres.

Merton’s achievements make an enviable reading, including a 47% reduction in disorder in a hotspot of crime and disorder in the borough, and a 35% reduction in environmental crime, including fly-tipping.

The key to Merton’s success has been the leading role of local residents and the close working relationships between police and other agency officers on the ground.

Council leader Andrew Judge said, “The Merton Neighbourhood Wardens are an invaluable addition to our local community. Working together with the police their presence in the borough helps to strengthen the ties between local residents to their community, while greatly reducing crime. The budget we have allocated expresses our appreciation of the wardens and their work to make Merton safe and sound.”