Everyone can now Recycle from Home

Merton residents living in houses have a golden opportunity to start living green, as Merton Council’s Recycle from Home Scheme purple and green boxes have now delivered to all houses across the borough. All households can now conveniently recycle household waste, such as glass, paper, plastic bottles, cans and tins directly from their doorsteps.

The Recycle from Home Scheme provides each household with two boxes – one green and one purple. Residents can use the green box for paper and glass, and purple box for plastic bottles, cans and card. The boxes are emptied on the same morning as the normal refuse collection takes place, and should be placed on the edge of the resident’s property so that they can easily be spotted by the collection crews.

The scheme started in February 2003 with 1500 households in Lower Morden and has been gradually extended across the borough. The scheme has now successfully extended to all households and the uptake has been very good – in the average road the participation rate is 69 per cent, and has increased Merton’s recycling rates to 15 per cent of all household waste being recycled in 2003-2004.

Now the scheme has rolled out to all household, the council believes they will see a marked increase in recycling rates next year and are confident in meeting the Government’s target of recycling 27 per cent of waste by 2005-2006.

Residents support the new scheme. Ann Walker, a resident of Cranleigh Road, Wimbledon, said: “We use the green plastic boxes for tins, plastic and cardboard, and the other box for the paper and bottles. We put all the household waste in the compost bin and make lovely compost for the garden. Our black polyethene bag is almost empty these days, when really nothing goes in it anymore.”

Alison Broom, Merton Council’s Head of Street Management, said: “It is brilliant to hear from residents that they have been able to recycle almost all of their household waste, especially since the scheme has only been in place for a short time. This just goes to show that there is great potential in Merton for recycling success. I wish to send a big thank you to all residents who have taken part in the scheme so far – your contribution is invaluable in helping Merton achieve its recycling targets.”

London Borough of Merton will be investigating ways of bringing similar opportunities to flats in the borough. The council will also continue to encourage residents and businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle waste through improved services, awaren