Meet the bobbies on your beat

Residents will have another opportunity to meet their new Safer Neighbourhoods team for Abbey Ward at 7pm on Wednesday 9 June at High Path Resource Centre.

Merton has been chosen as one of eight police services across the country to test the Safer Neighbourhoods Project and it is currently being piloted in five wards: Abbey, Cricket Green, St Helier, Figge’s Marsh and Pollards Hill. Each ward has one police sergeant, two neighbourhoods specialist officers, police community support officers and special constables, who will work alongside the council’s neighbourhood wardens to provide a visible presence and responding to residents concerns.

The Neighbourhood Specialist Officers for Abbey Ward will meet residents on 9 June to hear the views of local residents on crime and policing in the ward. This is part of a round of meetings being held across the ward.

At a previous meeting held in early May the police team used an electronic voting system to enable those present to rate their opinions of crime in the area and the way in which it is policed. These results will be added to others from across the ward to gain a picture of the issues that are of most concern to Abbey ward residents.

Chief Superintendent Michael Wood, Borough Commander, said, “By working with local residents we can find out their views of what are the real problems they face and how they feel we should tackle them. By using this information we can then address their concerns and help to make Merton safe and sound”.

Merton Council is urging Abbey Ward residents to attend so they can have their say. Similar events have taken place or are planned for all of these five wards.

For further information contact PC Susan Hughes on 07748 320046.


Claire Bartlett
Senior Press & PR Officer
London Borough of Merton
020 8545 3327