Raynes Park students take to the air

Raynes Park High School students from years eight, nine and 11 have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the art of trapeze and perform at the Cannizaro Open Air Theatre Festival later this month.

Under the tuition of Merton-based circus company, Swamp Circus, they are currently hard at work preparing for their show, which is backed by Arts Development Merton.

Their tutor, Catrin Osborne, whose performances have been shown on the BBC, has been very impressed by the enthusiasm of the participating young people.

She said: “The Raynes Park kids are great, I’m especially thrilled that so many boys want to take part, and are able to perform to such a high standard”


The actual show will be performed on Saturday 17 July at 6pm in Cannizaro Park, part of the Cannizaro Open Air Theatre Festival. Press photographers are invited to attend their rehearsal on Tuesday 6 July, at 5,25pm, in Raynes Park High School’s sports hall, Bushey Road, SW20.


Press contact:
Hattie Blok
London Borough of Merton
0208 545 4654

Notes to Editors:

The Raynes Park High School students will perform Act One of a two-part show at Cannizaro Festival later this month. Act Two, Swamp Circus Spectacular, will star their trapeze tutors Michele Laine, Brett Jackson and Catrin Osborne.

The Swamp Circus Spectacular features stunning acrobatic dance in the air and on the ground. Clowns, contortionists, jugglers, and a live circus band will be accompanied by film and video projections telling the accompanying story.

This education project was funded as a condition of the contract for managing the Cannizaro Open Air Theatre Festival and co-ordinated by Arts Development Merton, who ensure there is a quality education project integral to the Festival.

A quote from the participating young people is available on request.

Tickets are available through the Festival box office on 0870 906 3834.