Voice of the community

The major consultation about the future of Merton’s homes with council tenants and leaseholders continues apace this month with a three-week series of roadshows starting on September 13.

The project, known as Community Voice, will be taken on the road with council staff and representatives of the Independent Tenants Adviser visiting 24 different venues across the borough. Residents of the council’s homes are being invited to visit the shows and speak to staff about their hopes for the future of their homes and their neighbourhoods.

The Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Steve Austin is keen that residents get involved.

“The Community Voice consultation gives residents the chance to have their say on achieving a better future for their homes and neighbourhoods. There are exciting opportunities to be explored.”

The complete list of roadshows is attached.

Press Contact:
Matt Rickard
PR & Press Officer
London Borough of Merton