What a success

Recycling levels have increased by four per cent in Merton due to the success of the council’s Recycle from Home Scheme.

The scheme was first introduced in February 2003 and was gradually rolled out to all households in the borough by April 2004. Under the scheme residents are supplied with green boxes to recycle glass and paper and purple boxes to recycle cans, card and plastics. The boxes are collected every week on the same day as refuse collections, making it as easy for residents to recycle waste as it is to bin it.

In May 2003 residents recycled 742 tonnes of household waste but this has increased to a massive 1132 thanks to the scheme. In some areas of the borough participation levels have reached an astounding 94 per cent, with the average participation rate set at 68 per cent.

All council’s must meet the Government’s recycling target. Merton’s target is to recycle 27 per cent by 2005/6. Merton’s current recycling rate is approximately 19 per cent, so the council is looking at further ways to encourage residents to recycle. They are currently running a number of initiatives to promote waste education in the boroughs schools.

They are also arranging to supply flats, apartments and estates in the borough with recycling bins to increase the availability of the Recycle from Home Scheme further. If you live in a block of flats and are keen to receive shared recycling bins, phone 020 8274 4902.

Councillor Linda Kirby, Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Quality, said: “Merton residents are recycling more than ever; proving the Recycle from Home Scheme is a great success. Recycling should now be a natural routine in every household. You should always think whether you can reuse or recycle before binning waste.”

For more information on the Recycle from Home Scheme, or recycling facilities in Merton visit http://www.merton.gov.uk/recycling or phone 020 8274 4902.


Notes to editors
In May 2004, 435 tonnes of paper was sent to the paper mill for recycling.
In addition, 183 tonnes of mixed glass and 201 tonnes of mixed cans, cards and plastic bottles were collected, all from the Recycle from Home scheme.
An equivalent of 25 loads of refuse each month is being recycled and reused instead of being dumped into landfill sites.

Claire Bartlett
Senior Press & PR Officer
London Borough of Merton
020 8545 3327