Know your information rights

To ensure Merton Council meets the six recommended principles of The Caldicott report, the Social Services and Housing department is focusing on informing customers about their rights to see any personal information held and how such information is kept safe and securely.

To these ends, a new booklet has been produced which is available from all council offices.

The Caldicott principles were established to allow for the secure transfer of personal information amongst professionals within Social Services and across partner agencies

The Caldicott report ensures that all personal information is kept confidential and highlights the need for permission to be received before any information can be transferred. In addition the report allows customers to check any personal information that is being held.

Merton Council works hard to meet and expand upon these set standards. To guarantee the Caldicott principles are met all the relevant members of staff in Merton’s Social services department have been trained in data protection responsibilities and follow strict codes of conduct.

In addition, the Housing and Social Services department have also put into place agreements with partner agencies to ensure that the sharing of personal information is strictly controlled. If any breaches of confidentiality arise Merton Council fully investigate the claims and implement corrective action where necessary.

For more information on Merton Councils responsibilities under the Data Protection Act please call 020 8545 3509



Matt Rickard
PR & Press Officer
London Borough of Merton
020 8545 3483