Faking it

‘Don’t fake it’ warns Merton Council’s trading standards section after uncovering a number of fake products in the borough.

Trading standards have recently handled cases of fake CDs, DVDs, clothing and sunglasses. The problem with fake goods is that they do not have the same standards of quality control in place as genuine goods.

Corners are cut in producing copy products, which means they will not only be substandard, but may also be unsafe or even in some cases dangerous. There is everything from counterfeit sunglasses with no UV protection to condoms that don’t work on sale now, which can cause major health problems.

Recently in the UK mobile phone ‘hands-free’ kits have been found that melt in the car. It is easy to imagine how a kit melting on a busy road like a motorway could distract a motorist to such an extent that it could lead to tragedy.

Ian Murrell, Merton Council’s Commercial and Trading Standards Manager, said: ‘Counterfeiting is a problem which affects everyone in the community. We urge residents to only buy products from reputable dealers and to be particularly aware of counterfeit goods being sold at car boot sales and discount stores. If it looks too good to be true – it almost certainly is!

For trading standards advice call 020 8545 3026 from Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, or visit http://www.merton.gov.uk/complaints/consumeradvice.asp


Notes to editors
We are unable to give out details on specific cases.