Save money, save energy and save the environment

Find out how saving energy can save money on fuel bills during National Energy Efficiency Week, which runs from Monday 25 to Sunday 31 October 2004.

Energy Efficiency Week focuses on how everyone can be more energy efficient and help reduce the damage done to the environment by wasting energy.

Merton Council is encouraging residents to find out more about how to reduce energy during the week. The Energy Advice Office are holding an information stand in Merton Link, Merton Civic Centre, Morden on Friday 29 October 2004 and they will be giving out free energy saving light bulbs and offering a free home energy check to show how residents could save energy and money.

Did you know:
· Turning your central heating down by 1ºC can save up to 10% of annual heating bills.
· If everyone owning a chest freezer in the UK changed it to an A rated appliance, the energy saved would be sufficient to run UK street lighting for more than a year
· If everyone in the country installed one low energy light bulb, then the money saved would be sufficient to pay David Beckham’s wages for the next 58 years
· By turning the TV off standby use when not watching it, will save approximately £8 a year
· Having a shower instead of a bath will save energy.

Councillor Linda Kirby, Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Quality, said: “Energy Efficiency Week is an opportunity for residents to find out more about practical and inexpensive ways to save energy – and therefore money – in their homes. Do your bit by not leaving TVs on standby and switching off lights if you are not in the room.”

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